Webflow build best practices In A comprehensive notion checklist for Webflow developers

Build better, more profitable websites, faster.

Your complete 147 step checklist Notion template to streamline building world-class Webflow websites from start to finish, without missing a detail.

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Created for Client First and Relume users


Additional tools and video walk-throughs

Video walk-throughs of complex steps

Flow Gurus site audit Chrome Extension(coming soon)

Onboarding and project management tips

Message templates and videos to send clients

SEO traffic-saving 301 redirects strategy


Sleep like a baby because everything is tracked in one place

Easily track the progress of every project

Keep timelines on time

Have a consistent standard for team members and contractors


Make your next website, your best website.

Don't miss the most important details

Always know where you're up to

Launch with confidence

Tested on over $100K+ worth of websites

After building over 150 websites and experiencing the absolute chaos of trying to run a smooth tiny agency operation (aka me and a couple of other legends), it was time to put everything in one ultimate checklist. So over the last 20 websites, we did.

The result?

This checklist has improved our build speed, increased our client conversion rate, increased our profit margins, and the quality of our work continues to improve with every website! Best of all, it's reduced the stress of projects so we can sleep at night knowing exactly what's been done and focus on the more enjoyable parts of running a business.

What Webflow developers are saying.

"I can honestly say, among the dozens of free webflow build checklist out there, this is the most comprehensive one to date!"
"This checklist has been a game-changer for my Webflow development. By diligently following each step, my work has become more coordinated and clean. As a result, I now deliver websites with higher quality and scalability. This checklist has truly elevated the standard of my work and I'm delivering much more polished websites the first time round."

Tolu Deji (Mr. Sunshine)

Webflow developer

"When it comes to building high-quality websites efficiently, there's no one better than Kaleb. He has introduced me to many ideas that have improved our processes at Relume, and this checklist covers everything. I highly recommend this checklist to anyone that uses Relume Library."

Adam Mura


"All I can say is wow. It is comprehensive and covers the steps required for a successful build. Years of experience have been effectively condensed into this. Nothing has been missed"
"Talk about covering all bases, this is more of a rock solid, battle proven process than a simple checklist. Get it and see for yourself."
"Our team can now almost operate on autopilot. We know where every website build is, what's been done, what's not done. This is not just some checklist this is actually a users guide on how to build a Webflow website from start to finish. Insane."


Small House Collective

Frequently asked questions

Who is this checklist for?

If you're a passionate Webflow freelancer or agency who wants to streamline your development process, this checklist is for you. Especially if you're a fan of Finsweet's Client First naming conventions and Relume Library.

What will I learn from this checklist?

Literally every major step of what needs to be considered for a minor or major project. Everything from setting up a Webflow project, image compression, favicon, SEO checks, and logical sequencing of each step. We have used this process on highly complex, multi-national websites valued over $30,000. These are the main steps from start to finish to ensure you have covered everything for each project.

Is this for design and branding?

NO. This is purely for Webflow development ideally assuming a Figma design already exists and is ready to be built.

Who made this checklist?

Hey! My names Kaleb I'm the founder of Flow Gurus. I've been building websites and in online marketing and sales for 5+ years.

I have a small team of passionate Webflow developers and coders focused on lean, streamlined processes and automating systems to create the best websites and give our clients the best experience. For years I've been trying to build a successful business and income stream.

This checklist has been absolutely fundamental in creating a business that I can feel proud of and constantly deliver a high quality service to people we choose to work with.

What's the catch?

I am so grateful to the Webflow, Relume and Finsweet community. I've learnt so much from others contributing incredibly useful tools and the beautiful culture in these groups. We want to contribute to the max good of this community and start to grow a small community of people who resonate with our values and also love our systematic approach to developing with Webflow so we can continue to grow together. We're also releasing a monthly paid membership for those who want more in depth training and extra exclusive tools and tips etc.

Build like a pro, every time.

Get your copy of our in-house process we've used to deliver over $100,000 worth of Webflow websites to happy clients!